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Jacksonville Florida's Oldest Business and Civic Organization Founded in 1932

President’s Message (06/05)

Welcome to summer or at least summer’s heat!  However we did have a cool time at the Sun’s game Thursday night.  My thanks to Michael, Bill and Julie for arranging the food, shade, nice breeze and a Sun’s victory for us.

Yesterday there was an event at the beach that brought together 300 volunteers, a national charitable organization and 40 individuals who have a disability or handicap of some type. The purpose was to allow them to surf or play in the water or to just be at the beach.  You may have seen this on the news. I mention it only because what they do and the difference Life Rolls On is making in people’s lives is amazing.  I was looking at their website, , and am amazed at what some of these people are able to do and the positive “can do” attitudes they have.  I found it to be inspirational and motivating for me and I wanted to share their message with you.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right!   Henry Ford

See you Wednesday,


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