• Executive Secretary

• Scholarships

• Door Prizes
Jepp Walter
• Historian

• Programs

• Newsletter

• Parliamentary Procedures

• Finance Committee

• Long Range Planning

• Chairman of the Board


1st Vice President


  • Membership Recruitment
  • Membership Retainment
  • Car Show                                                     Ken Petsch
  • Golf Outings                                               Robin Fernandez
  • Meet a Members                                       Angelo Volpe
  • Veterans Day

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2nd Vice President


  • Programs
  • Social Media                                               Erin Galat
  • TBC
  • Clay Shoot                                                  Patrick Russo, Mike Russo
  • Website                                                       Joe Lemire, Jepp Walter
  • Christmas Kids

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3rd Vice President


  • Website Advertising                                   Minich, Don
  • YAP Golf Tournament                               Jay Cann
  • Past President’s Day
  • Public Safety Awards
  • Habijax Project                                           Rod Borom
  • Angelwood Project                                     Tera Lageman

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4th Vice President


  • YAP BBQ and Lunch
  • Fishing Trip                                                  Jepp Walter
  • Tailgate
  • Christmas Party                                          Jeanne Maron
  • Lunch Sponsors                                          Allison, Fred

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Executive Secretary


  • Scholarship Committee
  • Door Prizes
  • Public Relations
  • Finance Committee
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Past Presidents Committee

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Sergeant At Arms


  • SBMC Monte Carlo Night
  • Junior Achievement Project
  • Caring Chefs

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Past Presidents


  • Texas Hold’em
  • Orientation