1st Vice President Committees

1st Vice President


Membership Recruitment

Period Active: Throughout the year
Membership is one of the two largest responsibilities within SBMC (Programs being the other) as it makes up half our budget and without our members we’re nowhere. This committee is made up of members with various tenure who develop ideas for attracting new members as well as act as ongoing “cheerleaders” at the weekly luncheons to acclimate new and less involved members to the various programs and functions when announced.


Membership Retainment

Period Active: Throughout the year
One of the most important responsibilities within the club is the retention of our existing member base. The retention committee, or chair as it is often a small committee, reaches out to members nearing or at renewal to confirm their intent to renew. Should the consider withdrawing their membership, the retention committee is charged with engaging the member in conversation to learn what they might not be gaining from their involvement and to ensure they’re aware and taking advantage of the appropriate committees and functions at SBMC.


Car Show
Ken Petsch

Period Active:


Golf Outings
Jerry Gitchel


Meet a Members

Period Active: Throughout the year
Several times during the year SBMC hands the reins over to a handful of members to hold an after-hours event at their businesses. This is their opportunity to showcase their work to friends and prospective members in whatever capacity they choose. The member hosting the event has complete control over the program and structure with some recommendations from leadership, not to mention the member also funds the event recouping some of the expense through ticket sales to attendees. These are spoken for pretty early in the year as demand is high, but partnerships between members are highly encouraged. Additionally, attendees get another chance outside the weekly meetings to relax and get to know one another in a fun amd professional setting while appreciating the hard work and innovation of one or multiple members.


Veterans Day

Period Active: