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Issue 40 October 14th

We had a great meeting last week with guest speaker Amanda Videll, Public Information Officer for Jacksonville’s FBI office located on Gate Parkway. Amanda gave an overview of the agency’s mission and priorities which include economic espionage, counter-terrorism and cyber attacks. We learned that this region’s FBI division is the fastest growing in the country […]

Issue 39 October 7th

City Councilman Matt Schellenberg was our guest speaker last week and we received a great overview of the specific projects he is passionate about for the Mandarin area. Road improvements are a top priority for Councilman Schellenberg, as the growth in the area has required improvements on current infrastructure and ideas on new traffic patterns. […]

Issue 38 September 30th

Last week our guest speaker was Ed Dean, radio host on WBOB Radio. He provided some thought-provoking commentary on local and national political issues. You can catch his show weekdays at 6:00 am on AM 600 & FM 101.1. Special thanks to our FirstAtlantic Bank members for hosting our Meet-a-Member Networking Event last Thursday. We […]

Issue 37 September 23rd

District 11 Councilman Danny Becton paid a visit to our club last week as the guest speaker. Overall, Councilman Becton is working hard to revitalize the Baymeadows area through various initiatives. Additional fire stations and traffic light installments were successfully passed early in his term. Currently in the works is a Neighborhood Safety Bill to […]

Issue 36 September 16th

Jacksonville’s budget was the main topic of discussion by last week’s guest speaker Councilman Greg Anderson. Unlike the multi-million dollar deficit the city had after the 2008 recession our city has a budget this year in excess of a billion dollars. The largest department in the budget is our Police Department. Our calendar is full […]

Issue 35 September 9th

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Executive Director Tony Vecchio as our guest speaker. Most zoo visitors are not aware of the extensive education and conservation efforts that Tony and his team work hard on all year round. For example, our city’s zoo is one of four facilities […]

Issue 34 September 2

We enjoyed an engaging Q & A session last week with our guest speaker, Kevin Hyde, Interim President of Florida State College of Jacksonville. FSCJ ranks 2nd highest in the state for job placement and starting salary, which is impressive. Our guest speaker this week is Tony Vecchio, Executive Director of the Jacksonville Zoo. See […]

Issue 36 August 26th

Jacksonville Jaguars Champions Club Manager Jeff Fingland was our guest speaker last week. The entertainment aspect of the stadium alone puts our city on the map as a top tourist destination, which benefits the local economy. 90 minute tours are available all year round. According to Jeff, the Jags lead the NFL in new season […]

Issue 35 August 20th

We left last week’s meeting with some valuable advice from our guest speaker, Donn Carr of Carr Management Group. Donn is an international business consultant specializing in retail operations and customer service. Simple things such as email address/domain name, quality of business cards, logo branding and even a company name can make or break business […]

Issue 34 August 13th

We were pleased to have Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan join as the guest speaker last week. Mike was very engaging with us as he described the processes through a quiz. He promised to take anyone that answered all questions correctly to lunch…no one won! He let us know that since the “hanging chad” debacle […]

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