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Issue 38 September 17

Well, it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? I sincerely hope that our members’ homes and businesses weren’t severely damaged during Hurricane Irma. Many of us are still without power, but it’s been so nice to see folks checking up on their fellow SBMC members through Facebook, texts, etc. I hope you can join us […]

Issue 37 September 10

We learned a lot last week from our guest speaker, Amanda Videll, Public Affairs Specialist for the Jacksonville FBI Branch.  The Jacksonville branch covers 40 counties in the state and it is the biggest division in Florida.  There is a seminar on November 9th regarding Cyber Security at the UNF University Center.  Special agents from […]

Issue 36 September 3

We had a great meeting last week with our guest speaker Jeff Fingland, Champions Club Manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you haven’t been to a Jaguars game in awhile, you’ll be excited to see all the new additions that make our team the number #1 rated game day experience in the league, according to […]

Issue 35 August 27

We were thrilled to have the St. Johns Riverkeeper, Lisa Rinaman, as our guest speaker last week. The St. Johns River is the second largest water ecosystem in Florida, with watersheds from 18 counties impacting it’s health and water level. Lisa gave us a great overview on the current status of the proposed dredging project […]

Issue 34 August 20

Last week our guest speaker was Scott Wilson, City Council Member – 4th District. During his first year on the City Council, Scott was chosen as chairman for the Land Use and Zoning Committee, to serve on the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee, and to serve as the Council Liaison for the Northeast Florida Regional […]

Issue 33 August 13

Our guest speaker last week was State Attorney Melissa Nelson. A lot has happened in her first seven months in office. Among Melissa’s many priorities is establishing a Strategic Prosecution Unit and a Crime Gun Intelligence Center which will allow police to identify the location of gunfire in a neighborhood in tandem with a shell-casing […]

Issue 32 August 4

Last week our guest speaker was Dennis Bair, CEO and Founder of The Bairfind Foundation.  I have no words to express my gratitude for what the foundation is doing to find missing children around the country.  Dennis is a former professional baseball player for the minor league and he used that platform to recognize missing […]

Issue 31 July 30

Our guest speaker last week was Tad Delegal, President of the Jacksonville Bar Association.  There are approximately 2000 judges and attorneys in this professional group, which was founded in 1897. Jacksonville Bar Association members have similar goals to SBMC — they value community collaboration, charitable fundraising and business networking. One of the highlights of last […]

Issue 30 July 21

Our guest speaker last week was Bill Spann, Director of Military Affairs and Veterans Department, City of Jacksonville.  He discussed the many services his department does for veterans.  Whether you served three months or 20+ years, this department can help you with so many services you probably didn’t know about. Job searches, legal aid and […]

Issue 29 July 16

Our guest speaker last week was local historian Scott Grant.  It was very interesting to hear about the Nazi attack off of Jacksonville Beach that unfolded in front of many tourists on April 10th, 1942.  Reinhard Hardegan, the German commander, fired a torpedo at the SS Gulf America from his submarine.  The ship is still […]

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