Volunteering Jacksonville Presidents Message Archive

Issue 131, June 26

This past week we had Michael Corrigan, President and CEO of Visit Jacksonville come and speak to us. Corrigan leads a twenty-person workforce whose job is not only to market Jacksonville around the country, but also attract groups for conventions, and operate the three visitor centers around the city. He talked about the importance of […]

Issue 130, June 19

This week we welcomed Lake Ray, the President of the First Coast Manufacturing Association. Mr. Ray talked about economies and how they are built on three things. You have to either make it, mine it, or grow it. He touched on manufacturing and the supply chain and what the current situation looks like pertaining to […]

Issue 129, June 12

I can’t believe we are already in Hurricane Season. This past Wednesday, we heard from member, Mark Goldwich of Gold Star Adjusters, and soon to be member, Robert Jameson of Woolsey Morcom Attorneys at Law, who spoke on some of the misnomers of Homeowners Insurance and some of the legal issues. Mark reminded us that […]

Issue 128, June 5

This past week we welcomed Florida House District 12 Representative Clay Yarborough. Representative Yarborough highlighted what was discussed during this year’s 60-day general legislative session, as well as why both special sessions were called by the Governor. He touched on the current status of the district maps for the U.S. house seats as well as […]

Issue 127, May 29

This past week we had another great program as Immigration Attorney Chris Dempsey spoke to us about the current humanitarian crisis going on in reference to Afghanistan and the difficulties our allies and our interpreters are having in seeking asylum within the U.S. There is a massive backlog and the government has only processed less […]

Issue 126, May 22

This past week we welcomed Mike Williams, President of AGX Freight. Mr. Williams discussed some of the current issues that we are seeing in relation to and with the supply chain. Regulations on transportation change often, as we have seen most recently seen with COVID. Speaking of, the current market is finally starting to get […]

Issue 125, May 15

Last week we had a powerful presentation by former Ukrainian Press Secretary Natalia Solyeva where she discussed the current situation in Ukraine. She answered some questions such as why Russia invaded in the first place, and who is President Zelenskyy. She shared some disturbing pictures and video footage that you won’t see on the evening […]

Issue 124, May 8

Last week we welcomed our State Attorney Melissa Nelson. Miss Nelson brought us up to date with the Covid catch-up the court system is currently dealing with in reference to the backlog it has caused. Nelson touched on the most recent violent crime that has happened locally and how the office follows up by using […]

Issue 123, May 2

This week we welcomed Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll as she gave a very feisty speech on how everyone should vote and speak up to their representatives for change. She reminded us that elected officials should represent the constituents of their district and wake up to the issues. She felt that term limits were a […]

Issue 122, April 24

Last week we had our Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients. It is great to see the good that our fundraising goes towards and hear all the great things that the recipients are doing. A special thank you to Howard Caplan and the committee for all the work you do […]

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