Volunteering Jacksonville Presidents Message Archive

Issue 76 June 23rd

Last week we welcomed Theo Graham of Year Up Jacksonville. Mr. Graham spoke about Year Up’s one-year program for 18-24 year olds which enables motivated young adults to move towards meaningful careers. The program teaches technical and professional skills, as well as important skills for interviewing; such as body language, firm handshake, and eye contact. […]

Issue 75 June 16th

Last week we welcomed Mike Balanky, Development of the Urban Core. Mr. Balanky gave an interesting and informative talk on how the key to development is to create Critical Mass. In order to do this, you must have synergy, vision, opportunity and execution. As he puts it, “Vision without Execution is just Hallucination”. I would […]

Issue 74 June 9th

Last week we welcomed Jon Heymann of ELEVATE Jacksonville. Mr. Heymann gave an inspiring, energetic talk of his experience growing up as an adopted “Bread Box Baby” and how his adoptive parents and mentors along the way helped shape his life and allow him to become who he is today. As he puts it, no […]

Issue 73 June 2nd

Last week we welcomed Jeff Rountree of Hoods For Heroes, which is an excellent non-profit that assists in getting funding for the proper headgear for firefighters. He spoke of the troubling statistics that 70% of line of duty deaths for firefighters are not from injury, but from the cancer causing carcinogens they are exposed to. […]

Issue 72 May 26th

Last week we welcomed Kristin Carter of Take Stock in Children. Ms. Carter gave an informative talk of how TSIC assists low income children in achieving educational goals that may otherwise be unattainable. With the assistance of mentors and college coaches, these children are guided throughout their middle and high school years and go on […]

Issue 71 May 19th

Last week we welcomed Adam Campbell, Immediate Past Chair of the TPC. Mr Campbell gave insights into The Player’s Championship and how TPC Sawgrass kicks off and sets the tone for golf season with the most difficult field, biggest purse and the most charitable golf tournament on the PGA. He spoke of the move from […]

Issue 70 May 12th

Last week we welcomed Mike Bowling, who is best known as the Inventor of Pound Puppies. He gave us an entertaining and inspiring talk of how he persevered through having very little money and 14 rejections because he truly believed in his invention. Mr. Bowling spoke of how the majority of people with great ideas […]

Issue 69 May 5th

Last week we welcomed Dane Boggs of Reiki and Rife Machines. Mr. Boggs spoke to us of his struggle with Lyme Disease and how after years of traditional treatments failed to work, he found success with a Rife Machine. Rife machines use frequencies that course through the body and killed the organisms that were making him […]

Issue 68 April 27th

Last week we welcomed the Safety Patrol students of Pine Forest Elementary School. These amazing children are the motivation behind our Annual Y.A.P. BBQ and we again raised the funds to achieve our goal of covering the cost for their bus trip to Washington, DC. I would like to personally thank all those who helped make […]

Issue 67 April 21

Last week we welcomed Don Fox of Firehouse subs. Mr Fox talked about the history of Firehouse Subs starting from its days 20+ years ago as a family operated sandwich shop to an international brand today with over 1,100 stores. He gave an excellent talk on the importance of a mission statement and it ability […]

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