Community Service

Public Safety Award

The Southside Business Men’s Club presents awards to a local fireman and a local policeman annually in recognition of their outstanding service to the community. The recipient’s names are provided by committees from the Jacksonville Fire Department and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We honor them during one of our weekly meetings with full color guard salute and provide them with plaques and cash awards.

Veteran’s Day Parade (November)

The Southside Business Men’s Club has many members who are veterans of our wonderful armed services! Each year we engage members to participate in building a float for the Veteran’s Day Parade in honor of our veterans. This is another wonderful way to have fun and network with other members as we take on the task of building the float for presentation. In 2008 the SBMC float received recognition from our city officials. The Jacksonville Veterans Day parade has become the largest such parade in the southeastern United States! All SBMC members who are veterans are encouraged to participate in this event by riding on our float and receiving the recognition they deserve!

Children’s Christmas Shopping Spree (December)

Each year Southside Business Men’s Club works with Target department stores and local facilities that aid homeless families who are in need. We take a number of children from these families (usually 30-35) on a Christmas shopping spree to provide gifts for their parents, brothers and sisters and themselves! Each child is given $100 or more to spend. We raise money throughout the year from tips at one or more of the fundraising events and donate them to this very special giving opportunity! By escorting a child on a Saturday morning at Christmastime, you will, no doubt expel the Ebenezer Scrooge that may be lurking within!

View a letters from the kids at our 2010 Shopping Spree

Letter 1
Letter 2
Letter 3

Watch the video of the 2012 Shopping Spree