Issue 113, February 20

Last week we welcomed Greg McGarity, CEO of the Gator Bowl. He educated us on how important the Gator Bowl is, not only for Jacksonville, but the surrounding area. He talked to us about this past year’s issues with COVID and how the process went in order to fill Texas A&M’s open spot in a relatively short period of time. There are certain criteria to meet when participating in and hosting a bowl game. It’s more than just a school’s record. Many conferences and associations are involved and with everything else, it goes down to ratings.
This past year the Gator Bowl exceeded expectations and the event turned out to be a big success under the circumstances at that time. So congratulations to the Gator Bowl team.
Check out the calendar on the SBMC website. This Thursday, we have our first member hangout at Culhane’s Irish Pub in Tinseltown just off of Southside Blvd. There are still some Hockey tickets left for the family hockey night on March 12, and don’t forget to get signed up for the Meet-a-Member Mega Event on March 24 at Apollo Packaging where they are teaming up with Dumpster Crushr of Florida. You don’t want to miss this major networking social where you can showcase your business. See everyone Wednesday!

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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