Issue 119, April 3

Last week we had the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Jacksonville Branch VP Chris Oakley give us a condensed presentation on the role of the Fed. The three main areas discussed were the Supervision, Regulatory, and Credit which promotes the safety and soundness of the banking system. Oakley also touched on financial services and monetary policy provided. One of the roles of the regional economic information network is to come speak to groups like ours and gather data directly from the community. It was beneficial to attend and let your voice be directly heard.
I would like to thank those of you who came out and helped with the Habijax project yesterday. We had fun and it was for a great cause. In order to keep lunch costs down, water will be the only beverage served during weekly lunch meetings. You can still purchase tea, soda, and coffee on your own. This week we have Pat McManamon from Sandler Training who will give us tips on professional development.

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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