Issue 12, March 20th

Erin go bragh! And happy Palm Sunday to those of you celebrating the Christian/Catholic faith. Hopefully you all had as great a St Patty’s Day as I did. Just ahead of it City Council President Greg Anderson gave us a very “bullish” outlook for Jacksonville and the near future. Also in headlines, the Governor approved a significant funding grant for the Jacksonville Historic Naval Ship Association which is Joe Snowberger and Daniel Bean’s group that’s working to bring the USS Adams to downtown Jacksonville as a Naval Warship Museum. Once the ship arrives it’ll be the youngest floating war museum in the entire world. Many thanks to our members Reps McBurney, Ray, Renner, and the rest of the Duval Delegation for working tirelessly to get this through the capitol as another great draw to Jacksonville. There’s even talk they may paint the ship teal and black for a game during football season.

This is an exciting time in our country as we have one of the most controversial Presidential elections in decades. People have been calling for some sort of “revolution” over the past several years and I think a few candidates on both sides have heard that call and are in a way trying to do so through changes in the long established tactics taken by their predecessors. I found myself engaged in a debate with a few family members the other day who happened to be of a different opinion than mine. It was amazing how combative they were against my opinions rather than trying to argue how and why their choice was so strong (No they weren’t Trump supporters). Without getting into turbulent waters here myself, I’d everyone to try not to get caught up in a similar predicament. This is something about which Americans are passionate, and we should be; this is as election for the most powerful person in the world! I’d just suggest focusing your arguments on the facts of why you believe your candidate is best suited for the job, and for goodness sake please check your facts as there are a lot of false rumors floating around out there.

On that topic, Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan will address our club for the first time since being elected. He’ll be discussing last week’s primary and what to expect going forward. I don’t know about everyone else, but early voting is probably one of the best ideas in a very long time! Having moved next year I don’t even know where my precinct is but stopping at the library near work at my leisure in a 2-week period is pretty nice. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!

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