Issue 124, May 8

Last week we welcomed our State Attorney Melissa Nelson. Miss Nelson brought us up to date with the Covid catch-up the court system is currently dealing with in reference to the backlog it has caused. Nelson touched on the most recent violent crime that has happened locally and how the office follows up by using tools like “shot spotter” in following up on shootings and collecting evidence like spent brass (bullet casings) and linking the firearms used in other crimes. Not every shooting has a victim but sadly the community is not always forthcoming with information after some of them.
This week we have Ukrainian Press Secretary Natalia Solyeva who will be talking to us about the current conflict. We have a Meet-A-Member at Adam Canni’s office, PW Graphic Solutions, Thursday, May 19th. It will be held 5:30-7:30 at 4656 Collins Road, Jax, 32244. I hope to see everyone this week. Happy Mother’s Day!

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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