Issue 125, May 15

Last week we had a powerful presentation by former Ukrainian Press Secretary Natalia Solyeva where she discussed the current situation in Ukraine. She answered some questions such as why Russia invaded in the first place, and who is President Zelenskyy. She shared some disturbing pictures and video footage that you won’t see on the evening news. The things that are happening to the civilian population are horrific. There was some discussion on why the U.S. should spend billions on funding as to what the benefits each side has to eventually winning the conflict.
This week we host Mike Williams, President of AGX Freight. We have a Meet-A-Member at Adam Canni’s office, PW Graphic Solutions, this Thursday, May 19th. It will be from 5:30-7:30 at 4656 Collins Road, Jax, 32244. I will see you there.

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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