Issue 127, May 29

This past week we had another great program as Immigration Attorney Chris Dempsey spoke to us about the current humanitarian crisis going on in reference to Afghanistan and the difficulties our allies and our interpreters are having in seeking asylum within the U.S. There is a massive backlog and the government has only processed less than 200 applications. Poor processing and the fact that once they are here, they have zero immigration status which means that they can’t work. Locally, some charities have been able to help by being able to provide food and housing. Mr. Dempsey briefly touched on the conflict in Ukraine and how the current immigration laws are different for that separate conflict.
The Jaguars’ schedule has been released and we will be having our Annual Tailgate on October 23 VS the NY Giants. More details to come. With election season upon us, this week we welcome our Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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