Issue 129, June 12

I can’t believe we are already in Hurricane Season. This past Wednesday, we heard from member, Mark Goldwich of Gold Star Adjusters, and soon to be member, Robert Jameson of Woolsey Morcom Attorneys at Law, who spoke on some of the misnomers of Homeowners Insurance and some of the legal issues.
Mark reminded us that an insurance policy is a legal binding contract for a service, not a product. One can negotiate their claim and the insurance company has an unfair advantage. An advocate in your corner (like an adjuster) will look out for your best interest and knows how to represent your incident in a manner that will yield you the most money.
Robert spoke on the Florida Legislature side and let us know that there were programs put in place to help homeowners with disasters when it came to their personal expenses after the insurance company commits to their portion. Recently, $2 Billion dollars was passed to help homeowners.
Don’t forget, insurance companies have deeper pockets. They really don’t want to go to court because if the homeowner wins, the insurance company generally must pay all the court costs. However, many times the court may only award a little bit more than the original offer, which includes the new court costs. It is always a slippery slope.
One major outcome from our government is The Right to Repair One’s Roof. If more than 25% of your roof needs to be replaced from weather damage, a homeowner is entitled to a new roof, covered by your insurance company.
A final reminded came out of the Q and A: Beware of Door-to-door roofers. Nothing in life is free and you don’t know anything about that company. There are many scam artists around.
Next week, join us for our meeting when Lake Ray speaks on First Coast Manufacturing. See you at Fogo de Chao.

Jeanne Maron
2022 1st Vice President

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