Issue 130, June 19

This week we welcomed Lake Ray, the President of the First Coast Manufacturing Association. Mr. Ray talked about economies and how they are built on three things. You have to either make it, mine it, or grow it. He touched on manufacturing and the supply chain and what the current situation looks like pertaining to the workforce coming out of Covid. He went in depth to the importance of energy and energy production and its link to manufacturing and production of goods. We learned a lot, especially on what types of items are made locally.
This week we welcome Michael Corrigan, CEO of Visit Jax & The Beaches. Join us for the hangout Thursday at Bahama Breeze at the Town Center. Also, we are planning a Jax Sharks arena football outing for July so be on the lookout for tickets going on sale soon. See you Wednesday!

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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