Issue 14, April 3rd

We’ve been very fortunate to have strong member representation over the last decade in the State Legislature as well as City Council.  Last week Rep. Ray reviewed significant legislation that passed and failed in the last session with details as to why.  Additionally, he switched into his role as Duval County GOP Chair and particularly added some insight about the Presidential election.  Turnout was excellent by the way.

Metro Diner’s soft opening benefitting SBMC Charity is THIS Friday; have you made your reservation?!?!  This event is an opportunity for them to train their staff in a somewhat controlled environment hence the requirement of RSVPs.  They’ll also be limiting it to approx. 60 tables with a max of 4 people each for the entire night so don’t wait until the last minute as walk-ups may not be possible.  Where else can you get a fantastic dinner for $10 and the money goes to charity?  I can barely get a drink and burrito at Chipotle for $10 and the Davolis’ food is FAR tastier.  Please sign-up, come out, and enjoy dinner while helping your club.

Also our first Civic Project is coming up helping Habijax build a house!  This year they will build their 2000th home which is more than any other Habitat affiliate has built anywhere, but they need more help.  I signed up at the end of the meeting and Rod already had more than a page of volunteers.  While the luncheons are fun, the socials are entertaining, its functions like these where you truly get the chance to get to know members you may have never even met previously.

Finally, as a “Fair and Balanced” organization we’ll hear from the other side of politics this week our program is the Duval Democratic Party Chair.  Never having met him, another member was kind enough to fill me in on how intelligent and passionate about politics he is so I’m looking forward to this presentation.  I know our membership is…..well let’s say dominantly more to the conservative end of the spectrum.  Some of you may read this and think “I don’t need to hear from him, he’s not going to change my mind.”  While that may be true, they say there are 3 sides to EVERYTHING.  Personally, people who agree with me are nice but I enjoy speaking with someone who disagrees and particularly when they’re well informed.  Between now and then I’d challenge you to flip back and forth between Fox News and CNN or MSNBC during the same news hour; I’m confident it will make you want to check out this week’s presentation particularly if you attended the last.

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