Issue 14, April 5, 2015

This coming Saturday, SBMC is partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, to assist in building a new HabiJax home.

‘Build’ is a fantastic word, because it is positive.  It means something good is happening. (does anybody use the M-W book anymore?) lists the word ‘build’ with many positive meanings.

–The obvious choice here is to construct: assembling and joining parts or materials…to build a house, duh.

But with our volunteer efforts, we accomplish much more than erecting a structure.  We build relationships with other members.  I have said many times over the years that to really get to know our members, you need to get involved with our activities.  This day will be a great way to meet or learn more about someone in the Club.

Side Note (yes another one): Years ago, I volunteered at an SBMC event (Jax Suns concession stand).  I got to know one of the Club members that night.  A year later, he thought of me when he was looking for a business connection.  Through that connection, I eventually met Annie.  Now, that’s an extreme example of relationship building!

Side note note (heh heh!):  When I remind that person of the effect of that fateful night, I don’t know if he accepts the credit, or the blame, for the outcome!

But, I digress…

Another example of building is to: establish, increase, or strengthen…to build up one’s hopes.

–Think of the family who will be helping us, helping them, to build a new chapter of their lives.  At some point, we all need a helping hand, not a handout.  I have worked on a couple of HabiJax homes over the years, and I always get excited when I hear the future residents talk about their upcoming holiday plans in the new house.  As a volunteer, I leave with a sense of accomplishment, in that I did something that day that helped to make a better community. (It truly makes me loathe the days where I don’t even venture outside my front door; missed opportunities.)

To ‘build’ character: to mold, form, or create.

The building of a house is a long process.  The one day we spend on site is just a drop in the bucket of all the planning, coordinating, and labor that has to be accomplished.  The future residents may not remember us individually, but hopefully, they will remember all the various efforts that went into place to make the dream, a reality.  Perhaps, the child(ren) will see the good that comes from the accomplishments of many hearts and hands.  And maybe, they will carry this torch with them for the rest of their lives.

To base; found: a relationship built on trust.

How many times have we heard someone talk about the people who influenced their lives?  There always seems to be a mentor, even if briefly.  Now we may not have enough time to mentor a child, in one day.  But hopefully, the crews that were there before us, and those who will follow will each leave a little mark with some person, who will see that there is good in all of us.  Trust is built over a long period of time.

Lastly, we ‘build’ muscles!  And those should likely be sore on Sunday.

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