Issue 141, September 4

Last week we welcomed Steve Kelley from the Downtown Investment Authority. Mr. Kelley gave us an update on how things are looking for Downtown Jacksonville. There are more than a few projects in the works, especially with all the construction and removal of overpasses and demolition of the former Jax Landing and Berkman II sites. See a full map here. The DIA has three objectives: recruit a talented workforce, have Jax become a hub for art, culture and sports entertainment, and bring in tax revenue in order to support other parts of the city. It was great to hear an update on something positive happening in our city. We are entering the last quarter of the year, which means we have a lot of great events coming up. Check the calendar and get signed up. (Annual Clay Shoot 9/23, SBMC Car Show 10/22, Annual Jags Tailgate 10/23, Veterans Day float 11/11). This week we host our annual Past President’s Day where we reflect and look back on all the great men and women who led our club over the past 90 years. Sam Kouvaris is also going to give a leadership pep talk.

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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