Issue 142, September 11

This past Wednesday, we had the pleasure of hearing from longtime Jacksonville celebrity Sam Kouvaris. Sam had an active past in sports and it was no surprise that he became one of the most popular sports announcers on television, on WJXT. Sam was there for over 25 years and got a surprise notice that his contract was not being renewed. He could stay without pension, at 1/6th of his pay, with no benefits, in a lower position. Needless to say, Sam moved on to greater things.

For many years, he was a writer for the Times Union and the host for the Jaguar television show, as well as an announcer for many local sports’ games.
His take on leadership was focused on his feelings of how coaches lead. Those that just berate their teams tend to get poor performances. He shared with us the affection he had for leaders that uplift each other; treat each other as a bunch of winners, not losers. He told us that sports today are a whole new game.
Sam was inspirational, as well as popular. Many of our members stayed behind for photo opps and to share stories.

This week join us for a presentation from City Councilman Kevin Carrico, District Four.

Jeanne Maron
2022 First Vice President

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