Issue 15, April 10th

It’s clear we’re already in the midst of our busiest time of year!  Last week began with a great presentation from the chair of the Duval Democratic Party , a perspective often overshadowed in our club.  Then Friday we had a great turnout for dinner at Metro Diner’s soft opening of the “Southside” location.  I personally enjoyed a little taste of Pittsburgh on the menu.  In looking back we’ve had a great first start to the year and I’ll go over some of our progress as well as a preview of what’s to come at next week’s meeting after discussing with the board on Wednesday.

Later this month we’ll roll up our sleeves with Habijax to work on a new home; some of our cadets from Lee High Schools JROTC program will come help out.  Not only do they need volunteer hours for graduation and Bright Futures scholarships, but volunteering for SBMC is one of the minimum requirements for OUR JROTC scholarship.  A few weeks later we’ll work just 3 short days in concessions at The Players followed by our annual golf tournament which surely won’t disappoint; the committee has been hard at work for more than a month already.  Somewhere in the middle I have a feeling many of us will turn out for Beerfest downtown, personally I’ll enjoy not working it this year and simply enjoying the evening as a patron!

This week before it warms up too much we’ll hear from the Founder of Venus Swimwear on how he started the company in his college dorm room back when he was deep into body building.  I heard Mr. Scott speak at another civic club and his story is one of great entrepreneurial spirit so be sure to come out.  Over the past few weeks however I’ve missed seeing many of our regular attendees in the crowd, where have you been?  We have a fantastic lineup of upcoming speakers and I hope to see you and some of our other members joining us for lunch midweek!

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