Issue 151, Nov 6

Last week we welcomed Dr. Quinton White, Jacksonville University Professor, who gave us an update on the health of the St. John’s River. Dr. White emphasized how the growth of Jacksonville and surrounding areas directly impact the river. The river is 310 miles long and drains 1/6 of the state. Because of the size and depth, the river is slow moving. We were educated on how natural occurrences like Hurricanes Irma, Matthew, and Ian effected the ecosystem. We had a good Q&A session where direct questions were discussed in better detail.

We are approaching the holiday season. Check out the calendar and get signed up for the great events that we have coming up. Help with the Veteran’s Day float tomorrow, purchase your tickets for the Speakeasy Raffle, sponsor a kid for X-mas Kids, and book your Holiday Party tickets.

Thank you for those who came out and helped on the USS Orleck yesterday. It was also good seeing everyone last Thursday at Standard Feed and Seed. A shout out to Frank for hosting and donating all of the money to the Kid’s Christmas Shopping Spree! This week is another can’t-miss meeting as we have our annual Wine Tasting and Trivia by our very own 1st Vice President, Jeanne Maron from The Gifted Cork.

Jeff Volpe
2022 President

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