Issue 16, April 16

Our guest speaker last week was Wayne Hogan, president of Terrell Hogan Law.   He explained how dangerous it is to drive distracted.  Whether it is manual (taking your hands off the steering wheel), visual (taking your eyes off the road) or cognitive (taking your mind off of driving), distracted driving is a critical problem that has become an epidemic, putting us all at risk.  Please put your cell phones down while driving.  The texting, emailing, tweeting or Facebooking can wait.

Kudos to Ken Petsch and Jepp Walter for putting on an amazing car show yesterday!  Great weather, great cars, great music and great fun!!!

We have a lot of events coming up soon.  Please see below to find out!

Our guest speaker this week is Bill Watson, President of Watson Mortgage.  He will inform us regarding the changes in rates, laws, etc. Looking forward to having him at our club!

See you Wednesday!
Julie Clements
SBMC 2017 President

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