Issue 162, Jan 22

What a terrific turnout this week when we heard from our guest speaker, Jerry Holland, Supervisor of Elections. He ran unopposed just a few weeks ago and “crossed the street” back to his old position. Jerry mentioned he is the most seasoned elected official in Duval County.

There has been a lot happening since he’s been back in office. With the census just completed (every 10 years), redistricting has started. This is not a bad thing as parties are better represented when redistricting breaks up the imbalance of parties and like-minded people can truly be heard.

Duval’s tax base is up with record-breaking market values of homes going up 33% this past year. Luckily, the CPI is the standard for our tax increases, no more than 3% a year. The tax collector also rolled back the millage this year to keep a steady income with our increase of new home owners.

Lastly, be on the lookout for very responsive candidates running for office. This is an election year and if you want to be heard, call your representative and they’ll probably call you back. They want your votes so they are quick to respond. Speaking of response, Jerry was happy to share his cell phone if you need to speak with him; (904) 318-6877.

Please join us this week and to hear from Councilman Ron Salem. Bring some guests or a door prize, or both, and be recognized. Have a terrific week. Go Jags!!

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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