Issue 164, February 5

And the race is on… This past week we heard from the two candidates running for City Council, District 6 (Mandarin). Michael Boylan, the incumbent, spoke primarily on what was done in his past term. He said that 90% of his daily work is customer service. Legacy work is his focus. He took the lead on Article 21, giving JEA the right and responsibility to run the municipality. In reality, The City of Jacksonville truly oversees them, so changes were made for transparency and accountability.

He commended the administration for their actions during the Covid period, securing funds and distributing to the community. He also paid close attention to the nonprofits to help keep them solvent.

Boylan ended with his feelings on the need to remove homelessness and acquire workforce and affordable housing to the area.

Tom Harris spoke on his position to get Mandarin represented to deal with big government. His background with Campbell’s Soup Co, handling multi-million-dollar deals, gives him a great background in high finance. His past military service (a Unit Commander and helicopter pilot), and his commitment to “Service above self”, gives him a strong background to hold this position.

He has a plethora of service in volunteerism and has worked to raise a lot of money with local agencies. He has gone door-to-door to meet his future constituents’ and learn their needs, as well as let them get to know him. He learned that many neighbors feel unsafe as our crime rate continues to rise. He also said he was very concerned about the homelessness and will fight to see a change.

Harris questioned the actions of the past Council work and did not understand why we would even consider selling JEA when we weren’t in a financial crisis.

Also, during Q & A, it was brought up that Air B& B’s need limits on how many people can occupy a dwelling at one time. This issue was agreed upon by most present and both candidates agreed. Bottom line: read up on the issues and vote on March 21st.

Please join us this week as we hear from Gary Dickinson, President of Olustee Reenactment. Bring a guest and help to grow our great club. See you then!

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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