Issue 165, February 12

This week, we had the pleasure of hearing from Gary Dickinson, President of the Olustee Battlefield Citizen Support Organization. Dickinson spoke on the reenactment program done each year for the past 46 years (minus one year for Covid). This relives the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Olustee which took place February 20th, 1864.

This reenactment has become a major program with a budget of over $80,000. It will take place in and near the Osceola Forrest, February 17th-19th this year, with a multitude of programs commemorating the event. Period bands will be present. During the weekdays, schoolkids come out to get a historical education. On Saturday, there are speakers, authors, painters, and more. There are over 1000 reenactors and there are activities for everyone.

Also on Saturday, there is a ladies’ social where everyone dresses in period clothing and that night, a formal ball is scheduled. The actual reenactment takes place Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm, but Dickinson advised that everyone who would like to attend should arrive no later than one hour before. There is plenty to do and see so even more time allotted is not a waste.

If you’d like more information on this exciting weekend, go to

This week join us as we hear from candidates of the City Council At Large, Group 5. We will hear from four candidates and learn why we should consider giving them our vote. Join us for a high-powered meeting and please don’t forget to bring a guest. Our club’s growth is a group effort, and we need everyone’s help. Have a great week.


Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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