Issue 17, April 26, 2015

Do you like me, Yes or No?

Hmm, the quintessential question that every 11 year old boy and girl wants to know about their latest subject of infatuation. I can’t speak for the female gender, but as a former 5th grader, and a current male, I can state without hesitation that I do want to be liked.

I enjoy cooking; every cook wants their creations to be liked. I don’t have the skills to bake, as I’m not much for following recipes implicitly. However, I do like to get in a well-stocked kitchen see where a dish will end up. Annie likes a lot of what I come up with; that becomes supper. But there are times where only I like it. Those are the dishes that go to work with me.

I like to sit on the front porch with my beverage de jour in the evening and have the passers-by tell me that they like the smell of our confederate jasmine. It was already there when we moved in, but I still like hearing it.

I like the power, handling and comfort of my 2015 Nimnicht Chevrolet Impala (another shameless plug). Apparently, the FHP likes to write tickets. I really like the Camaro best, but Annie likes the ingress/egress of the Impala…old people.

As a kid, I liked to play the drums. I played to any rock album from the 60’s and 70’s that I had: Skynyrd, Zeppelin, Stones, Aerosmith…never could replicate that drummer (Neil Peart) from Rush, though. I had to stop playing when dad came home from work. He said he liked what I was doing; he just didn’t like hearing it. Currently, I like the idea of replacing the Fancy Eating Table with some future drum set purchase in the dining room; Annie doesn’t like that idea.

I like to go for long walks on the…ugh, too…overused.

I like going to the stadium with friends to see the Jaguars play. I don’t like that we will likely stink again this year.

I like the SBMC Facebook page. It contains pictures and updates about the Club’s goings-on, that are too lengthy for the weekly newsletter, and too numerous to be included in the SBMC website (by the way, an All-New website will be released in the near future…more about that later).

In a press release from March 16th 2015, Alexa Internet listed Facebook as the 2nd most frequented website in the world, behind Google. SimilarWeb listed Facebook as the #1 website in the world for number of users. Facebook is an essential marketing tool (at least for the rest of this decade). SBMC officers would not be fulfilling our obligations to its members if we did not utilize this to our advantage.

So, I am asking all 350+ members in the Southside Business Men’s Club to ‘LIKE’ the SBMC Facebook page, if you haven’t already. By doing so, you help greatly expand our media presence and heighten the SBMC ‘Brand’. This is a marketing initiative that costs the Club nothing.

When a post is made to the site, and you ‘like’ it, our SBMC Facebook page moves up on the search engine lists and becomes easier to find…maybe for prospective members. A much better thing to do is to ‘comment’ on any of our posts. This greatly increases our coverage. And, if you see yourself in one of the photos: tag yourself. Again, everything we do on the site shows activity. We like activity.

Here’s how you do it. Go to this link: You can either do it from your computer or smart phone (sorry Gene, your flip phone won’t work here). At the very top (inside the picture of Friendship Fountain) there is a tab that says ‘LIKE’. Click that tab. That’s it; you’re done! Invite your Facebook friends to ‘LIKE’ us. Invite your enemies to like us…it’s all good.

Scroll down the page, you can see everything we’ve been up to!! You can see our new banner next to Mayor Brown. You can see both Sheriff candidates. You can see our work on the Habijax project, and so forth. I’d like to send a special thanks to Scott ‘Scooter’ Schilbrack, for making his own comments on the site. This is exactly what we would like to see all of you do.

‘There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.’ Brendan Behan

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