Issue 176, April 30, 2023

This past week at our SBMC meeting, we heard from Tony Davis, Crestcom Leadership Training. He gave us a wonderful overview and reminder of what’s important when being a good leader and that one needs to be well rounded and polished in all areas or other categories will suffer.

Davis went over the six categories of a good leader. Mental Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Community Service and Involvement, and Professional Involvement and Education.

One of his key points was that everything in business is better if done proactively. If you know of an issue with an employee or client, address it before it affects one’s life. You will be the hero if done effectively, and compassionately.

Davis went into extensive detail about each category and pointed out some great information for us to take away. It’s always good to be reminded of what makes a leader, a great leader. We all can use the information.

Join us this week as we honor some amazing students that make a difference in our community. Our Scholarship Committee, led by Howard Caplan, has worked hard and pondered over many applications to narrow them down to some wonderful recipients. Please attend this Wednesday’s meeting and show them, and their families, our support. Have a great week and please don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine to donate to our Wine Auction.

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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