Issue 180, May 28, 2023

This past Wednesday, we heard from Chief Federal Judge Timothy Corrigan. Corrigan is a longtime Jacksonville native, living on the Southside of Jacksonville for 40 years.

The position of Federal Judge is by nomination by the President of the United States, and must be confirmed by the Senate. They handle many types of cases but the dominant ones are bank robberies, Medicare fraud, tax evasion, large drug cases, violence to children, and violence on federal property.

As Chief, Corrigan presides over the courts that represent 12.5 million Floridians. This covers five courthouses, with 15 judges, though there is a shortage right now and the president is slow to appoint new judges.

His outlook is that citizens should accept the rule of law, even when it does not go in their favor. Even President Clinton and Richard Nixon complied, even though they were in the wrong. We need to return to civility and do what is right.

Next week, please join us to hear Clay Yarborough, giving us a legislative update. Bring a guest and share the SBMC Kool Aid. Have a great week!

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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