Issue 183, June 11, 2023

Timothy Gibbons, editor of Jacksonville Business Journal, delivered a talk discussing the past economic state of Jacksonville. He emphasized the city’s potential for growth and highlighted the population boom as a key factor shaping the economy. During his talk, Gibbons mentioned the increase in residents and the positive impact it had on attracting companies and businesses to the area, leading to job growth and economic development. He acknowledged the challenges, such as the need for affordable housing and infrastructure improvements. Throughout his speech, Gibbons also covered the real estate market, including rising home prices and the rental market. He remained optimistic about the economic development in Jacksonville, mentioning ongoing projects like downtown revitalization and a potential new stadium for the Jaguars. Gibbons clarified the separation between advertising and editorial content, inviting businesses to share newsworthy information for potential coverage in the journal.

Next week, we will hear from Stephanie Patton of Rethreaded a non-profit helping victims of human trafficking. Don’t forget to bring a door prize and a potential member. We have a lot of great activities coming up and we want a great attendance. See you next week!

Michael Best
1st Vice President

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