Issue 189, July 23, 2023

Last week, we had the pleasure of hearing from Jacob Gordon, formerly of Downtown Vision and a prominent figure in Downtown Jacksonville. During the session, Gordon shared updates on the remarkable growth and transformation taking place in our city center. Key highlights included addressing homelessness, balancing priorities, enhancing public safety, fostering residential growth, and undertaking diverse development projects.

Through surveys and community engagement, the need for better support and social services for the homeless was emphasized. Furthermore, collaborative efforts are underway to improve public safety response times, particularly during major downtown events.

The residential sector is experiencing significant growth, attracting empty nesters and young professionals. Exciting projects, ranging from luxury housing to historical building renovations and vibrant riverfront areas, are reshaping the downtown landscape.

Community engagement remains crucial to ensure that plans align with the community’s interests and needs. Funding challenges for ambitious projects, such as destination parks and iconic sculptures, are also being addressed. For the latest updates on Downtown Jacksonville’s progress, visit, and let’s collectively contribute to creating a thriving and inclusive hub for our city.

Join us this Wednesday as we hear from Bob Ohrablo – owner of Jacksonville Icemen.
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Mike Best
2023 1st Vice President

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