Issue 19, May 7

Last week our guest speaker was Charlie Cofer, our new Public Defender.  He shared with us the improvements he has made to get his staff, budget and information technology more efficient and within budget. It was great to hear about the direction his office is heading! Some of you may remember last year’s debate between the former State Attorney and former Public Defender, and the dissension that formed. We learned from Mr. Cofer that the two offices are working closely together now.

This week’s program will be about our 22nd Annual YAP Charity Golf Classic.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year (the October Clay Shoot is a close second).  The monies raised from this tournament fund the college scholarships for the high school graduates that we first met as fifth grade patrols.  Nico Hogeveen is chairing this event, so we know it will be very successful!

See you Wednesday!
Julie Clements
2017 SBMC President

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