Issue 191, August 6, 2023

This week we heard from Jeff Price, JaxPort Director of Marketing. Price gave an overview of most of the activities going on at the port, as well as future changes. His PowerPoint presentation showed us the specific areas active and in transition.

The port is proud to create a huge economic impact on Jacksonville, with $31 billion in revenue, and creating jobs for over 26,000 people. In the state of Florida, JaxPort is responsible for over 133,000 jobs.

JaxPort manages the public seaports, including three cargo areas, two rail areas, and the passenger cruise terminal. They do business with 140 ports in 70 countries, and 90% of goods going to Puerto Rico come through Jacksonville.

The container area is growing from 50 acres to 90, and is influenced by the growth of the Jacksonville population which has taken off.

In addition, Price focused on the concept that JaxPort is in the top three ports to receive automobiles coming to the US because of being the best value, as well as #1 in customer service. We also have a Foreign Trade Zone that saves importers on US customs and tariffs. We have wide channels throughout so ships can pass each other at any given time.

Please join us for this week’s special program, Public Service Awards, where we’ll honor some of Jacksonville’s finest first responders. Representative John Rutherford and Sheriff TK Waters are scheduled to attend. Let’s give them a great audience! Don’t forget to bring your door prizes to get recognized. Have a good week.

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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