Issue 194, August 27, 2023

This past week we heard from Congressman John Rutherford. He spoke on the economy in relationship to business. Will we have a recession? He said the economy grew by leaps and bounds in 2018-19 at 3.5-4% a year. We have a $32 Trillion deficit and with the prediction of a GDP growth at 1.9% a year, he hopes to see businesses reinvest in their own businesses and add an additional $274 Billion over the next 10 years to help pay down the debt.

The main focus of congress is on their current bills, HR1 and HR2. The bill HR1 is to help restore low energy cost. Congress wants to get gas prices down and allow more oil permits to be issued.

The second focus is the bill HR2. This one focuses on securing the US border and stopping illegal aliens from moving into our country. It also includes more beds to hold illegals who have breached the border but are still in the US. A big problem is illegal aliens do not have proper ID and we have no idea who is really in our country. Many lie that they are under 18 years old, they get released, and then they send money back to the cartel. If they slack off, the cartel has them killed.

The government is spending less this year than last, and Congress is working to increase defense and decrease state and foreign Opps, as well as urban development.

This Wednesday, we have a very special meeting honoring our past presidents, as well as hosting a welcomed speaker, Mark Lamping, President of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Join us for this high-powered meeting and bring a guest to see what we are all about. Have a great week.

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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