Issue 199, October 1, 2023

This week at our meeting, Toney Sleiman, CEO of Sleiman Enterprises, spoke to us about the happenings in his company and a little about his political views of our city. One of his priorities is helping churches to remodel, build or occupy old buildings needing a tenant (like malls).

Toney has a great relationship with 1122, helping them to work their way into Orlando and Southern Georgia.

He also is doing work in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, primarily with major grocery stores. He feels the Southeast is on fire.
As far as our government, he said we need a city planner to work on roads and venues. He also added it is taking about six months to get a permit, compared to five weeks in the past. He has high hopes for Mayor Donna Deegan.

He also has a lot of opinions on the downtown development of Jacksonville. His opinions were negative about Lenny Curry and JEA. No matter how you slice it, Toney tells it like it is. He was entertaining and informative.

This week, join us to hear Rick Mullaney, Director of Public Policy for Jacksonville University. He is always engaging and interesting. We are getting close to the gift card raffle. Have you brought in your donation?? Buy your tickets soon and don’t forget to bring a door prize! Have a great week.

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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