Issue 2, January 8th

At last week’s meeting I was honored to be sworn in as the 74th President of this fine organization. What an awesome feeling it was!  I mentioned some of my goals but the number one goal is to bring back the fun! We are going to be focusing more on social media to bring in more guests, who hopefully turn into new members! We will be publishing our newsletter on social media and also publish who our upcoming speaker is and the topic before the meeting on Wednesday.  We will also be in the Times Union on Sunday in their business calendar. If everyone shares on Facebook and LinkedIn who the speaker is and the topic, I really feel we would get more guests/members.  We will be having a line-up of great speakers with Bill Bishop heading up our programs!

This week’s speaker is Jim McCarthy with North Florida Land Trust.  He will be filling us in on the 1898 Spanish American War Fort that will be restored and turned over to the National Park Service and added to the Fort Caroline National Memorial as a public access park. 

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