Issue 20, May 17, 2015

I love football, whether it’s high school, college or pro.  It’s great to pull for your team and despise your opponents.  But bad things can happen in on a team: your #1 draft pick tears his ACL, or your receiver has problems controlling his imbibing.  Wow, this can go on and on…

But I also like individual sports.  And to me, golf is the best of the individuals.  Because it’s based on the abilities of the player and not the competition.  I.e., a player can only affect his/her performance, not that of anyone else.

A week ago, Jacksonville was fortunate to see the best golfers in the world assemble at TPC Sawgrass.  The finish did NOT disappoint!!  Truly world class.

Tomorrow, local golfers will assemble at San Jose C/C to play in our Youth Achiever Program’s:  Fidelity National Financial Charity Golf Classic with Pet Paradise.  Click to see the website:

There will be no world-wide media coverage, no huge payouts to the winner, no points awarded to the FedEx Cup challenge.  No one will confuse the two events.
But here’s what we will have at our 20th annual event that The Players didn’t:

  • 18 holes on a Private golf course.  Any nouveau riche can play TPC Sawgrass (during non-tournament times), but only a San Jose C/C member can invite a non-member to play here.  BTW, I’ve been to The Players at least 15 years, and Mike Hartley has never invited me to play in his event.
  • Golf Carts
  • A fantastic Tidbits lunch: sandwiches of all types and that famous potato salad.  Best of all, it won’t cost you an additional $10.
  • Richard Nunn.  Ok, so he’s not Nick Faldo or Johnny Miller, but Richard knows what an Adiabatic LapseRate is, and I’m pretty sure that no golfer-turned-announcer does.  Conversely, Faldo and Miller know what a birdie is.
  • A barbeque dinner smoked on-site during the day, and the dinner banquet that follows.  When have you ever seen all the TPC golfers gather for dinner in their clubhouse afterward?  Never.
  • A plethora of lovely Beverage Cart Babes, who will encourage you to spend the money you saved from lunch on Jello shots and whatever…it’s for the kids, after all.
  • All the beverages you need to maintain proper hydration…included!  At TPC the beers and soft drinks are outrageous, and water is $3/bottle.  TPC may have had the Turn sponsored by Grey Goose, but we have Pirate’s Punch sponsored by Crump.
  • Door Prizes and goodie bags.  I’ve never seen any of the golfers from The Players get to use a mulligan.

I could go on, but Jepp and Crump are slow readers so I’ll end by stating this:  This is always a day of fun memories, while doing good things for our community!!

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