Issue 203, October 29, 2023

This past week, we heard from Brent Martineau, WJAX Sports Director. Brent is extremely busy with his commitments hosting the Monday night All Access Jaguar Show, his three-hour radio show weekdays from 3-6pm on 690AM, and of course, his sports traveling and reporting on a daily basis. He also hinted he is launching a new program to begin close to Super Bowl but would not divulge the secret as of yet.

He feels that Jacksonville has transformed into more of a NFL town, than just a college football town. He said that the next decade should be unbelievable, filled with growth, people moving here, expansion, and more football.
Brent also spoke on how lucky we were to get Doug Pederson as our coach. The hiring process was poor, but we made out.

His prediction on the Jags 2023-24 outcome was good. He felt we would place well. Many teams do well in the beginning, stink in the middle of the season, and then pull it out at the end. The Jags seem to be improving more toward the center of the season. Only time will tell. He also said Trevor Lawrence is very talented and has the potential to be great.

In closing, Brent spoke about college football predicting the Final Four: Georgia, Florida State, Washington State, and Michigan, with Michigan as the winner.
Brent was very excited about all of our programs and fundraisers. In fact, he volunteered to sponsor a child for our Christmas Kids program. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his presence.

This upcoming meeting, we have a lot going on. First, we have our Gift Card Raffle Drawing taking place. If you haven’t heard, you can have a chance to win 50%, 30%, or 20% of the more than 48 gift cards collected so far. This is a great way to start your holiday shopping.

Also, we are having our annual Wine Tasting and Trivia this week! Each table will try their luck for prizes and great comradery. Everyone will have the opportunity to try four wines and learn some useful information. We hope to see you there and bring a guest to check us out. We had quite a few guests this past week and are on a roll. Have a great week and we’ll see you on Wednesday.

Jeanne Maron
2023 President

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