Issue 21, May 22nd

WOW this is going to be a fantastic week for SBMC!  Tomorrow is the 21st Annual YAP Charity Classic with Dunkin’ Donuts coming on board as our new title sponsor; and Pet Paradise returning yet again as our corp sponsor.  21 years ago Crump Kirby talked the then skeptical board into holding a charity golf tournament, and personally guaranteed he’d cover any loss to the club…..I believe they made $5k that year.  Since then he and Jay Cann have made it their personal mission to continually reach new record high’s to benefit our Youth Achiever Program Scholarship fund. We budget low in case of lacking a title or corporate sponsor, but that hasn’t been a problem for many years as the committee continues to adapt and evolve to the changing market.  With all the charity tournaments in town, this one offers one of the most exclusive courses in NE FL, excellent food all day, a generous beverage cart thanks to our sponsors, extensive swag (polo shirts, hats, balls, etc.) and one heck of a fun afternoon with great people and great company.  Nico Hogeveen, our resident Scotsman (just kidding bud, your name will forever be “Scotty”) and golf expert (c’mon, he owns GolfTec so you know he knows what he’s talking about) chaired this year’s committee and has done an extraordinary job!  Additionally, new member Anne Urban was looking for places to get involved and took over our silent auction component, you’ll be VERY happy when you see everything she lays out at tomorrow’s tournament.  I couldn’t be more proud of this year’s committee, they came together needing a new title sponsor, new silent auction coordinator, evaluated our various costs, and took this tournament to a whole other level far exceeding my wildest dreams.  I look forward to playing tomorrow, and offer condolences in advance to all of you who didn’t sign up and will miss out.


Last week for the first time since being elected Property Appraiser (unopposed btw) Jerry Holland addressed our club and reported on the progress he’s made since taking over the office.  You know, someone told me not long ago “I don’t really like how these guys hop office, to office as local career politicians.”  Well, Jerry presented some staggering results as to the millions he’s been able to bring into the city through investigating homestead fraud and other efficiencies.  He committed a 4-to-1 return to council on funding for additional staff and he actually performed at about 10-to-1.  I’m all for new blood, but Jerry has experience and drive that continues to serve our city well as it has all those years he was supervisor of elections.


***Wednesday, our long awaited debate between States Attorney Angela Corey and Matt Shirk will take place and we anticipate a packed house.  We will condense the program to allow 45 mins for the debate portion, there won’t be a spotlight and with so many guests we’ll hold off on intros but biz-to-biz acknowledgements will certainly be recognized.  Also we’ll draw for the raffle on the $500 gift card which will be a great start.  We’ve had multiple calls from media who will be present, in fact Friday I met with a gentleman from.…wait for it…..wait for it…..The BBC!  He’s doing a documentary on the American Justice System and requested to film OUR DEBATE!!!!  Events like this in the past have drawn upwards of 100 people, but without reservations in advance we only guarantee food for 50.  Pre-Registration is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (click the link below to register) as anyone not having done so runs the risk of not being able to eat or possibly not having a seat so please plan ahead.  Additionally, seating is only guaranteed for those who register in advance.  Finally, Daniel Bean is moderating the event and has asked for members to submit questions to possibly be included in the program.  Please send your suggested questions to him at

Pre-register at: /event/?events_id=613

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