Issue 213, January 28, 2024

Last week we had the opportunity to hear from Mathew Chang owner of Chang Industrial. Mathew spoke about his time at Georgia Tech to working for the Haskill Company and having worked all over the country and in the Far East.
He gave our members a very insight full look at what manufacturing, trucking and distribution will look like in the future with the use of autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence. As supply changes continue to be disrupted all around the world, he feels that we will see more manufacturing return to the United States.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday February 14th and our guest speaker will be Craig Smith of the Alhambra dinner theater. Please be sure to sign up online if you will be attending the luncheons to help us and Season 52 in accommodating everyone.

The membership contest has begun! You can win a part of our $1,500.00 Prize and here’s how it works.
Every new member sponsored is worth one point.
Corporate sponsorship is worth 1 ½ points.
If you get a new member to sign up for a club sponsorship within one month of their membership start date you get another point.
Jan/Feb /March winner will get paid at the first meeting in April $250.00 CASH
April/May/June winner will get paid at the first meeting in July $250.00 CASH
July/August/September will get paid at the first meeting of October $250.00 CASH
October/Nov/Dec/ will get paid at the first meeting if January 2025 $250.00 CASH
Overall winner will receive $500 CASH in the January 2025 meeting

Ken Petsch
1st Vice President

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