Issue 123, May 2

This week we welcomed Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll as she gave a very feisty speech on how everyone should vote and speak up to their representatives for change. She reminded us that elected officials should represent the constituents of their district and wake up to the issues. She felt that term limits were a necessity, to keep officials at bay, as long as the terms give them enough time to get indoctrinated and to allow change. She said that three terms should be the maximum amount of time to get work done and not get stagnant.
Carroll challenged us as voters to affirm the workers in government with our votes but also use those votes to get rid of dead weight. We can write our representatives if we want to be heard, or better yet, visit them with an appointment while they are in session. Remind them who you represent, and if you own your business, let them know which business and that small business cannot take the brunt of the financial burden of this state.
Join us this Wednesday as we hear from State Attorney Melissa Nelson as she shares what the current status is in Florida, and what is coming down the wire in the future. Please honor all mothers this week as we approach Mother’s Day.
Remember, just being on the roster doesn’t improve your business. We need you to attend, network, and meet our new members and reconnect with seasoned ones. Bring a door prize and get recognized!

Jeanne Maron
2022 1st Vice President

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