Issue 217, February 25, 2024

Exciting news for 2024 – our mission is to welcome 27 new members, and we’re on the right track! I’m thrilled to share that we’ve embraced several new members into our community following our last board meeting’s approval. Please extend a warm welcome to our latest additions:
• Nick Castaneda at Paycor
• Jean Jones at Condaxis Coffee
Corporate Memberships:
• JWB Real Estate Capital: Kasandra Connatser & Karen Tallman
• Bozard Ford: Benjamin Lacey & Brandon Lacey
• Format Agency: Clarence (C.J.) Allen
We’re also reviewing more applicants and anticipate welcoming them soon.

Curious about engaging more deeply with SBMC? Joining a committee is the perfect way to connect with fellow members and forge new friendships. Interested in contributing? Reach out to me directly for an opportunity to make a difference within our committees – it’s a decision you’ll cherish!
Moreover, did you know you can feature yourself and your business in our newsletter? By becoming a spotlight speaker, you have the chance to share a 500-word introduction and up to two pictures of your business, all at no cost. For scheduling your spotlight and sharing your story, please contact our Sergeant at Arms, Wayne Baker, at Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to highlight your journey and enterprise!

Mike Best
2024 President

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