Issue 218, March 3, 2024

At our last meeting, we were honored to have Karen Mathis from the Jax Daily Record share insights with us, providing a deeper understanding of current events and sparking engaging discussions among our members. Her presence underscored the importance of staying informed and connected with our community’s pulse.

However, this positive momentum has also brought to light the limitations of our current meeting space at Seasons 52, as we’ve consistently filled or exceeded its capacity. In response, I’ve secured a new location for our meetings at the San Jose Country Club (SJCC), a place with historical significance for our club until its closure for renovation in 2019. Despite our temporary relocations—to Epping Forest Yacht Club and later to the DoubleTree downtown—each move impacted our attendance, a trend that continued through the Covid shutdowns and our time at Fogo De Chao Steakhouse, where despite the wonderful food, a sense of monotony began to set in among our members.

It was clear from our first gathering at Seasons 52 that a larger venue was needed. Achieving the goal of returning to our beloved SJCC has been a priority of mine, and I’m proud to announce that we will hold our first meeting there in five years. Below, you’ll find photos of the room where we will be meeting, offering a glimpse of our new meeting space. When we outgrow this room SJCC has a larger ballroom across the hall. When I joined in 2015 that is where we met in the ballroom with a beautiful view of the golf course. With the help of our team and members we will be in the ballroom soon!

Please join us at the San Jose Country Club on March 13th to celebrate this new beginning and the continued growth of our club. Let’s embrace this fresh energy and see where it takes us! Don’t forget to wear your green in support of St. Patrick’s Day! Our next speaker is Bob Ohrablo, Owner of the Jacksonville Icemen.
Warmest regards,

Michael Best
2024 President

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