Issue 22, May 29th

What an awesome week we just ended at SBMC!!!!  Kicking off on Monday with our 21st Annual Charity Golf Classic was a great beginning.  Monday morning I thought I was arriving ahead of the crowd at 10:15 and walked into the longest check-in line I had ever seen at our tournament.  The “swag” as Scooter calls is was the best I had seen in 8 years participating.  I loved the new shirts Jay chose, new hats, it was great to see Steve DeSorbo’s logo as our towel sponsor, and I thought the coolers Jepp Walter sponsored were the coolest I had ever seen in any golf tournament.  Walking down the hall, we had Anne Urban, our professional event planner, directing her staff on silent auction setup fitting that of a black-tie gala.

Afterwards the lunchroom was PACKED as was the driving range, still with an hour until start time!  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and I don’t recall the last time we had anywhere near 116 golfers out on the course.  Lunch from Tidbits was great as always, nothing appeared to run out on the beverage carts, and the BBQ ribs at dinner were fall-off-the-bone tender.  No doubt this will be one of our higher grossing years, but regardless of the financial outcome I am so incredibly proud to have seen the hard work of this committee culminate into the colossal success that was SBMC’s 21st Annual YAP Charity Classic!

Moving towards Wednesday the calls I received from people hearing about our debate in the news were encouraging, San Jose was getting inquiries as to if we were “open to the public.”  A big thanks goes out to Mike White and Meredith Tekin at Client Focused Media.  They sent out a press release on our behalf and in the end brought 3 Times-Union writers, Folio Weekly,, and EVERY LOCAL TELEVISION STATION!  There was a film crew making a documentary about the American Justice System for the BBC who also asked to film the debate.  The day of we had a packed house; nearly 100 for the first time in a long while.  Initially I thought it might be possible we’d see a few sparks fly, but I was shocked to see things get so heated between our PD and SA.  The events dominated the news cycle all day and were the leading stories on the 10 and 11pm news!

This week, for the first time, we’ll hear from the new owner of the Jacksonville Suns Mr. Ken Babby.  Like Shad Khan he’s already begun improving the stadium and overall game day experience.  Saturday we’ll cast off for the annual SBMC Fishing trip, it’s my first one and I can’t wait.

Finally on Thursday June 16th we’ll have our first Meet-a-Member for 2016 hosted by Advanced Furniture solutions.  Jeff Hubbard gave us some hints during his spotlight speech a few weeks ago as to what’s in store, and mentioned a “surprise” which he won’t even share with me.  Tickets can be purchased on the SBMC website /event/?events_id=594 and you’ll be emailed a receipt.  As the year is halfway over, and this is our first, I hope to see a huge turnout.  This is a new member who has jumped in with both feet and has been heavily active already. Let’s show them how the best club in town does after hours!

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