Issue 224, April 14, 2024

In our recent meeting at San Jose Country Club, we had a good time and good food. The head table was graced by notable guests including James Lampke of NetTech Consultants Inc, Charles McBurney of Harris Guidi Rosner, P.A., Chris Miller, Jax City Council Member, and our speaker, Florida State Senator Clay Yarborough. For an opportunity to join the head table at our next event, please contact me at

Jepp Walter of Marlin Technology won the quarterly membership drive by sponsoring the majority of the 11 new members. However, after reviewing the list it was determined that Ken Petch was missing one of his corporate sponsors. This would have resulted in a tie, however, after some discussion we decided since it was already announced and awarded, the one missing corporate new member would be counted on the 2nd quarter contest. Jepp and Ken are very competitive and there is a friendly rivalry going on. It’s all in good fun and enjoyable to hear them talk about it. Consider inviting your business acquaintances as a guest and let’s grow our great club!
This last week’s main speaker Florida State Senator Clay Yarborough provided an informative update on the legislative actions and key initiatives undertaken during the latest session in Tallahassee.

Highlighting significant legislative achievements, Senator Yarborough introduced the newly passed “squatter bill,” aimed at empowering law enforcement with the necessary legal tools to address unlawful occupancy. This legislation establishes a formal eviction process, grants immunity in cases of wrongful eviction, and introduces criminal penalties for fraudulent property claims. Another critical focus was on combating retail theft, with the passage of a bill that lowers the threshold for felony charges and creates new offenses related to theft from multiple dwellings. This measure is part of broader efforts to protect businesses from rampant retail crime, including “smash and grab” incidents.

On the front of human trafficking, Senator Yarborough discussed a bill that strengthens penalties and enhances support for victims. This legislation extends the operations of a direct support organization that aids victims and updates Florida’s human trafficking hotline for more immediate assistance. Additionally, Senator Yarborough touched on online protections for minors, the establishment of safe exchange zones for custody transfers, and the adjustment of employment regulations for minors, reflecting a responsiveness to community needs and safety.

Concluding his presentation, Senator Yarborough expressed his ongoing commitment to accountability and justice, particularly through attempts to repeal a controversial medical malpractice law. He emphasized the importance of community engagement and informed voting, particularly with the upcoming local elections. Senator Yarborough’s updates reflect a session focused on safety, legal reforms, and community well-being, ensuring that Florida’s legislative actions resonate with and protect its citizens.

On Thursday some members and friends met for drinks and eats at a new establishment called Brew and Barrel. The club paid for the first round and Jepp Walter of Marlin Technology paid for the appetizers. We had a good time getting to know each other more and playing pool. If you didn’t make it, we hope to see you at the next event.

Warmest regards,
Michael Best
2024 President

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