Issue 226, April 28, 2024

Ken Petch, our First Vice President, invited his new neighbor, Clayton Wolfe, to speak about his career in the US Coast Guard at our past meeting.

Clayton Wolfe’s talk focused on his personal and professional journey. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he had a very normal upbringing with both parents being schoolteachers. After high school, he chose to join the Army instead of going to college, influenced by a recruiter’s stories and the lure of adventurous duties. He shared details about his military experiences, including deployments in Iraq where he encountered challenging and dangerous situations.

Later, Wolfe transitioned from the Army to the Coast Guard, finding it a better fit for his career aspirations. He discussed various roles he held within the Coast Guard, emphasizing the leadership skills and adaptability required in managing younger generations. Wolfe highlighted the importance of understanding what motivates people, particularly in a military context, to foster a sense of ownership and responsibility in their roles.

Throughout the talk, Wolfe also shared insights into the operational aspects of the Coast Guard, including the challenges of navigation and maintaining aids like buoys and range markers. He touched on broader issues such as recruitment challenges within the Coast Guard and shared anecdotes from his deployments to Bahrain and drug interdiction missions.

Overall, Wolfe’s narrative was a blend of personal stories, professional experiences, and reflections on leadership and service, aimed at conveying the realities and rewards of a military career in the context of the Coast Guard.

Looking forward, we have some great opportunities to participate and make new friends and business connections. On May 9th, Gloria Vincent will be hosting a “Meet a Member” event. The Jumbo Shrimp Game will take place on May 19th, followed by the annual YAP Golf Tournament on May 20th. On June 15th, we will have our annual Offshore Fishing Trip. Details of all these events and more are available in this newsletter and on our website.

Warmest regards,
Michael Best
2024 President

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