Issue 25, June 21, 2015

This is your president in 1967, after one of my typical, over-enthusiastic adventures.  Surprise! I actually had a harness/leash as a toddler.

Today, this would likely be identified as ADHD, but back then my Dad said I was just a ‘rambunctious child’, (and he swears he didn’t do it).


Things I learned from my Dad.

–The ‘deer in headlights look’ is not an acceptable reply.

–Holding the flashlight steady, will greatly reduce Dad’s annoyance factor.

–Don’t touch the spark plug while the mower’s running.   Actually, Dad told me this AFTER it happened, but it took me only once to learn it.

–The drums will not be played while Dad is home.

–When working together on mechanical repairs, the term ‘turn that’, can mean many different things.  “Turn what?  Which way?”  It’s a communication thing.

–When he said, “this ISN’T funny”, he meant it.


Things my Dad learned from me.

–Don’t suggest removing a dead branch near the tree house, as someone may get hurt.  Trip to emergency for a 6 year old.

–Based on mediocre academic performance, you CAN ground your child for an entire school year.

–Stereo equipment and WD-40 are not a good combination.  “The repairman says the cassette player is saturated with it…and it’s ruined.”

–When teaching your kid to ride a bike, make sure he learns how to use the brakes.  I destroyed a wooden roadside barrier (it was rotten anyway).  No emergency trip needed.

–There should be a law requiring children to be restrained in car seats.

–A manhole lid will win the fight against a riding lawn mower, every time.  After that, it was only useful as a go-kart…and a very slow one, at that.


Questions my dad asked.

“I clean my car every few months; you’re always having to wash yours.  How did you get so much dirt in your wheel wells, anyway?”

“Have you taken your medication?”

“Do you know what happened to the stereo?  The repairman said it’s as if a grenade ricocheted inside.”  Note: don’t use the stereo as an electric bass guitar amplifier.

And the one I always remember whenever I’m in a jam, “What would you do, if I weren’t here to help?”

Well, I made it to adulthood mostly unscathed, and I have my Dad to thank for much of that.  Annie and I are truly blessed to have both of my parents living in nearby St. Augustine; we will be with them today.  I love you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all!!

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