Issue 26, June 26th

Hard to believe this is our “slow season” at SBMC with everything going on right now.  Yesterday we held our 2nd Civic Project of the year, City Rescue Mission’s summer picnic!  Over the past few weeks Mike, Brandon, & Penny have been collecting items in bulk to give to as many folks as can be provided for in hopes of giving folks a little help.  City Rescue Mission is such a great organization in part because they don’t give handouts, they give hands up!  CRM helps its students get on their feet and back to work supporting themselves to become productive and successful members of society.  I found it particularly interesting how, as one of the larger non-profits in town, they operate exclusive of government funding in order to continue to work as a faith-based organization.  CRM’s success is very visible within the community, and I’m personally proud to have them as members of SBMC.


We’re now just a little over a week away from our first Debate of this election season for Rep McBurney’s District 16 seat in the Florida House!  Channel 4’s Kent Justice will moderate the event between former School Board Member Jason Fischer, and Former Rep (& SBMC Member) Dick Kravitz.  As we strive for the most professional presentation possible, advance planning is underway.  If you would like to suggest a question to be included in the debate, please email Bill Bishop who is coordinating the event directly at


Also last week the Past Presidents’ committee met to finalize plans for our 2nd Annual Texas Hold ‘em Charity tournament scheduled for August 11th at the Best Bet in Regency!  On December 10th we’ll take about 30 children from the Davis Center Christmas Shopping at Target on San Jose at 6am.  If it weren’t for SBMC, many of these children (who primarily come from homes of domestic violence) may not have a Christmas.  Our Past President’s, while still involved in other club events, focus solely on this their “Signature event” in order to bring smiles to the faces of children who are currently less fortunate.  This tournament isn’t one that will cost you $100’s (unless you’re willing to sponsor); tournament means we’re playing for “prizes” and you’re limited in the number of “re-buys” of additional chips available.  Whether you’re a weekly player, or a novice in need of instruction, I promise you’ll have a blast and hope you consider attending the event.


Coming up this Wednesday, we’ll take a break from our political programs and hear from former Jacksonville Jaguar Jeff Lageman!  If you’re not already aware, Jeff is still an analyst with the Jags, co-host of “The Outdoors Show” and regular commentator during football season.  This is going to be a fantastic program and no-doubt a strong draw just 2 mos before we get back to football season!!!

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