Issue 26, June 28, 2015

This coming Saturday marks the 239th year since the Colonies declared their independence from England. Many of us will take to opportunity to be out on our boats, in pools, planning a party, and/or going to see the fireworks.

This is also a great time to reflect on all the events that led up to, and secured our independence. Now, I’m not much of a reader, as my attention span for such things is minimal. However, I have watched a couple of series about that time period. Of course there are always ‘liberties’ that Hollywood takes with historical events to make them more interesting. But, for the most part, the timelines of significant events are historically accurate. Here’s a few I would like to recommend few offerings that are worth watching, if nothing more than for general information:

John Adams. The miniseries on HBO dealt with much of the history of events that led up to the Declaration, the war as we tried to secure France’s support, and the establishment of our government. This has a lot of American history from the early 1770’s to the 1820’s.

Turn: Washington’s Spies. This is a historical-fiction series in its 2nd year on AMC. It’s about America’s first spies against the British during the war. It is heavily centered on General Washington, and is a vastly different viewpoint than the John Adams series.

The Patriot. This is another historical-fiction cinematic release about the war that is from the perspective of the southern states.

Interestingly, none of these three overstep the perspectives of the other two. So you get an overview of how this war affected everyone involved.

Not unlike other Federal holidays, it is my hope that everyone will see the true meaning as to why these dates are essential to us as a nation. Often times, today, we do not fully comprehend the hell that our forefathers and mothers endured so that we can all enjoy the freedoms we do.

Now go out and buy some furniture, because like the holiday…this sale won’t last! Happy Independence Day, everyone!!

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