Issue 28, July 12, 2015

A couple of Wednesday’s ago, Lelia Duncan of Community Connections (formerly the YWCA), spoke to us about how important the Southside Business Men’s Club is to their organization, as we have taken hundreds of children on our annual Children’s Christmas Shopping Spree.  Any of you, who’ve shopped with these kids for their families in December, know how special this event is to our community!

For years, SBMC has funded this event, in great part, with tips received while volunteering at the beer tents during the Jax Fair in October/November.  While I always enjoyed fantastic ‘people watching’ at the Fair, this engagement required SMBC to fill many positions, for many shifts, over many days. 

Not unlike The Players commitment in May, it was an arduous task for us to manage, and staff.  So this year, your leadership team determined that we wanted a better ‘bang for the buck’.  An event where we could raise the necessary funds to continue our good deeds, but also to reduce the taxing of our members labor efforts.

The Past President’s Committee (yes, there is such a thing, and they ARE watching), came up with a unique way to raise the money at a single event that required virtually no volunteering efforts from our members: the Texas Hold ’em Tournament, being held at the Best Bet, on July 16th.  Click on our all-new website:   Scroll down the main page, just below the picture of your very good-looking president, and click on the Texas Hold ’em special event tab.

For $50 in advance ($65 at the door) you get a slew of poker chips, food and refreshments, and an opportunity to Re-Buy if knocked out (I found out that means you get more chips).  Best of all, we’ll have you on your way home by 9:30.

The prizes!!  OMG, look at what you can win:
  •  A Weekend stay at the Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS., plus Cash and Car Rental.
  •  A Weekend stay at the Island View Casino, Gulfport, MS., plus Cash.
  •  A Dinner Cruise onboard the Victory Casino Ship for four, plus Cash.

Folks, this is a great opportunity for you to win, have a lot of fun, and help fund a very important cause for our organization.  You don’t have to volunteer and it doesn’t matter if the weather is bad outside.  If you aren’t very good at cards (and I’m in this group), it will still be a unique social event for our Club. 

Even if you can’t make it, you can sign up to make a donation to the cause.  On the website: click on Upcoming Events.  The calendar will pop up.  On the event, there are two entries, the 2nd is for those not attending, but want to donate to the cause.
Remember folks: it’s for the kids!  They really need your support with this! 

By signing up, everyone wins!!  


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