Issue 29 July 16

Our guest speaker last week was local historian Scott Grant.  It was very interesting to hear about the Nazi attack off of Jacksonville Beach that unfolded in front of many tourists on April 10th, 1942.  Reinhard Hardegan, the German commander, fired a torpedo at the SS Gulf America from his submarine.  The ship is still on the ocean floor today.  Reinhard Hardegan is still alive and living in Germany.

Next week our guest speaker is Bill Spann, Director of Military Affairs and Veterans Department, City of Jacksonville. He will explain his department’s role in advocating for military-friendly infrastructure, jobs, and services for veterans in northeast Florida.

Last Wednesday we started a new incentive. Members who do not want to eat lunch can come to the meeting for free (usually $10.00) until September.

See you Wednesday!

Julie Clements
2017 SBMC President



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