Issue 29, July 19, 2015

Wednesday was a ‘Murphy’s Law’ day for SBMC.

There were no Past President’s in attendance (with a tie and sport coat) to induct new members.

At the last minute, our guest speaker could not make it to the meeting. (This is every president’s worst nightmare: addressing 75 members and having no program.)

However, Penny Kievet and Kathi Crothers (of City Rescue Mission) came to MY rescue!! CRM was already scheduled as the Spotlight Speaker, but with very little time to prepare, they stretched their presentations to fill out our agenda.

Penny brought a professionally made DVD about CRM! But the sound didn’t work with the computer…of course it didn’t. So, she had to wing it.

Kathi, spoke about a CRM student (Shawna), with whom Kathi shared a similar background while growing up.

Fortunately, they also brought along CRM student Michael Jones, who gave a powerful endorsement of City Rescue Mission. Michael is transitioning from completion of the CRM LifeBuilders program, and is now actively seeking employment (which is required for graduation).

I’m interrupting this message with BREAKING NEWS: CRM has graciously donated a golfing spot for their Champions Challenge on August 31st at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course!!

It will be auctioned off at our meeting this week. This money stays with SBMC! It includes an Arthur Crofton dinner banquet, with live and silent auction items, as well. These tickets are selling for $500! So, don’t miss this opportunity…now back to your regularly scheduled President’s message.


Folks, there are 4,000 homeless in Jacksonville. Yes, many only want a handout; but others want a hand-UP, to get them re-established in our community.

You truly never know what another person is experiencing or why they are ‘down and out’. Michael was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army; but after his service ended, somehow he got off-track with his life. Shawna graduated from Orange Park High, but she also made critical mistakes along the way.

This is why SBMC has partnered with CRM for their Summer Picnic this coming Saturday, July 25th at their campus located at 234 W. State Street (see the flier directly below). If you are signed up as a volunteer for this air-conditioned event, thanks! If you donated items for this cause, thank you as well.

–SBMC supplied 500 reusable water bottles for this.

–I would like to thank SBMC V.P., Steve DeSorbo, who procured 500 toothbrushes from some of his dental insurance vendors.

–Also, I would like to thank a fairly new member: Donna Day of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, for donating 500 tubes of high-quality sun screen!

What we need, are hats! Please, no beer logo/themed hats. Bring them to this week’s meeting. We still about 300 short of what’s needed. Even if you can’t make the meeting, CRM needs the items throughout the year.

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