Issue 32, August 7th

Last week’s debate was a bit more on the tame side in comparison to those previous.  Rep. Lake Ray III did a fantastic job moderating and made the point of acknowledging fellow member and candidate for Congress Steve Kaufman who was also in attendance.  Sadly Clay Yarborough had been ill all week and was too ill to attend; he was extremely apologetic.   A big Thank You also to Bill Bishop who was kind enough to coordinate the event, beginning back in June he was contacting candidates in hopes of getting on the schedule of all who might qualify this time around.  It was also great having members Rep. Charles McBurney and Sen. Aaron Bean join in attendance.  Aaron assisted our resident auctioneer Jepp Walter in a fantastic (and expedient) auction of door prizes.  Finally Bruce Anderson was our Candidate Spotlight speaker, our first judicial candidate of this election and gave a great presentation as well.

This week former Mayor and UNF President John Delaney will address our group.  I can think of no better time than the political season, with quite a bit on the ballot for a former mayor to speak and maybe share his opinions on matters.  If you haven’t been out to UNF in a while, you’ll probably enjoy hearing about all the developments and expansion that’s occurred.  I graduated in 2008 and when I went out early last year to buy some t-shirts in the book store I was amazed at how much had changed!  The school is really growing and has become a logistics magnet over the past several terms in conjunction with Jacksonville’s advancements as a logistic center in the country.

Finally, this week’s Candidate spotlight will be our very own Dick Kravitz who’s running in District 16 for Rep. Charles McBurney’s seat.  Dick has served in the house previously, and as Steve Johnston told Melissa Nelson, our members seem to have a good track record for succeeding in elections.  Early voting is right around the corner, so don’t miss out!

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